Inspirus understands the importance of delivering exceptional value on projects collaboratively and efficiently. Our team has worked in project management capacities in several areas to bring in-depth experience managing and delivering small to large-scale complex and regulatory systems. They are experts in managing the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing of projects and programs as well as being able to facilitate necessary dialog to drive team and organizational consensus. Our project managers leverage standard tools and good practices to bring the necessary structure to succeed in even the most challenging environments. Our team follows certain key protocols and procedures that we believe drive success for a project such as:  

  • Managing status of tasks throughout a project.
  • Communicating routinely with all stakeholders
  • Resolving issues in a proactive manner
  • Identifying and Tracking resources
  • Controlling the project scope
  • Ensuring processes are followed 
  • Continuously anticipating risks and opportunities
  • Delivering based on expectations of our customers

Inspirus follows the project management standards to support our approach and also uses a more realistic approach for smaller projects or those that are considered to be less  of a risk for the organization. To ensure consistent project management results, we focus on a disciplined, transparent approach that provides structure and tools to manage and align work effort.

Healthcare IT SERVICES

Project management SERVICES

Today’s health care organizations face specific issues driven by the government, economy and changing population. Inspirus has many years of Health Care Advisory experience working with care delivery providers to understand and address the mounting pressures of their operational needs of the healthcare ecosystem of today. Our team understands the complexities of standard operational practices — striving for continuous operational improvement, effective employee and contractor performance, cost efficiencies and vendor management. Our client relationships are built on a collaborative environment. 

Inspirus will identify skilled information technology resources for your organization to work in continuous interaction with your development team for the entire product lifecycle. We leverage a consultant pool of IT professionals across the nation and around the world, as well as our extensive recruiting network. Inspirus has the resources and know-how to locate the right consultants for your project. We can help you consider on-site delivery for projects that are repetitive and open-ended or have fluctuating requirements. Consider global development when your budgets are tight and require repetitive and tasks. We can provide end-to-end enterprise solutions, implementation, and technology upgrades to performance-enhancing extensions like supply chain, human resources, and customer relationship management. 

Inspirus Consulting's services stretch across the full application development, maintenance and support. This includes strategy, clinical & operational analysis, systems architecture, design, development, testing, quality assurance, deployment and project management. Our customer teams are skilled at getting enterprise clinical or operational software optimized, and extracting the greatest value out of it for the investment that your organization has made for it. Let the Inspirus team handle tasks that can be time-consuming and expensive for you to manage in house, draining hours and dollars better spent on growing your organization.